Ebenor Percussion

14x6.5 Antique Brass Collection snare drum

  • 14x6.5 Antique Brass Collection snare drum

Ebenor Percussion

14x6.5 Antique Brass Collection snare drum


When I was doing the R&D of that snare collection, I was reading the book of Dave Grohl and was so inspired. I went down to my home studio and started playing ''smells like teen spirit'' ... and When I played the most famous ''flam'' ont that antique brass snare prototype, I was OK !! This is the exact snare sound of this intro !!! 

Amazingly balanced snare between crack and warmth when hitting rimshots. When hitting the drum dead center (no rimshot) you received a ton of body and big round warm tone from this drum. Rim clicks are clear yet warm thanks to the brass hoops.

Specs :

- 14x6.5 cold rolled and Tig welded brass shell.

-1.8mm thick with Antique patina finish.

- Ebenor signature brass lugs and bronze hoops 100% machined in our shop.

- Remo heads, Emperor coated and ambassador snare side.

- 25 strands.

- 3 positions trick throw off. If you are looking That ‘’thock’’sound with full body and crack, this is the snare !



Notre savoir-faire artisanal nous permet d'offrir un produit haut de gamme et ainsi, obtenir des standards de fabrication d’exception.

Bois locaux

C'est avec un soin minutieux que chaque essence de bois nord-américaine est achetée localement, dans notre région du Lac-Mégantic.

Joints en cuir

Le cuir recyclé est ingrédient bien important dans la recette Ebenor. Chaque joint de protection sous notre quincaillerie est découpé à la main à notre atelier.